Inside the Abandoned Domino Sugar Factory

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Abandoned buildings are one my favorite things to photograph so I was pretty much dying Tuesday night when I got to attend the Creative Time gala event in honor of Julian Schnabel at the Domino Sugar Factory with my friend Lori from Art Nerd.

The Domino Sugar Factory was built in 1856 and was in operation until 2004. A fire in 1882 gutted the place and the factory was completely rebuilt as we see it today. Three of the buildings were given landmark status in 2007 by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Two Trees Management has plans to develop the site, transforming the Brooklyn skyline into a Dubai inspired nightmare.

The factory reeks of burned sugar and nearly every surface is covered with it. The floors were obviously scrubbed down for the event but that didn’t stop the building’s natural ooze from seeping down the beams and onto the cement floors in certain spots. Next to the abandoned Grossinger’s Resort Hotel I shot last year, this is definitely one of my favorite abandoned spaces to have visited.

You can read Lori’s write up of the event here:


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